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For a Peaceful and Stress-Free Living

In today’s fast-paced life with erratic & hectic work schedules, a raging pandemic and ever-increasing traffic, It is challenging to maintain the place we live in, supervise servicing & repair of Appliances, various chores AND at the same time fulfill our responsibilities towards the Elderly Parents, Wife and Children.  

In such a situation, Managing your second home is a foregone conclusion.

What about our Elderly Parents living alone in another city?

MY HOME CARETAKER - listed as one of the TOP 10 Startups in the Household Services  Category by Silicon Indian Magazine, is your dependable friend in hours of need.

From escorting your Parents to the VISA Office, Shopping Mall, or a Hospital to Getting your Weekend Home cleaned, monitored and secured week after week, or Coordinating and supervising the servicing of your home appliances and car,


So that You and your Parents live a stress-free life and you can be  

Productive at work.

We believe that a fine balance of technology & human interface is very important to give comfort & build trust. That is why we have Caretakers & Supervisors you can call, meet, and talk to.

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