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Is your Home Alone !

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

In today’s fast-paced life with long work hours, ever-increasing traffic, it is difficult to monitor & maintain the place we live in, schedule repair & servicing of appliances under AMC.

To go to the सड़क के कोने वाला Mochi for much-needed mending of a shoe sole, go to पेड़ के नीचे वाला Darzi for mending the torn underarm of Shirt or altering the length of trousers is equally daunting.

With such a lifestyle – securing & maintaining our 2nd home, weekend getaway home our ancestral home is a very unnerving thought and equally stressful task.

My Home Caretaker comes to your rescue by providing low cost, part-time caretaking service for your Home/Second Home/ Weekend Get-away Home/Ancestral Home.

We INSURE your household appliances & fixtures against theft & damages. We coordinate & supervise the servicing of your electrical appliances & white goods under AMC.

We maintain & monitor your home, keep your Car serviced whenever you travel abroad for a long duration to stay with your children.

We maintain & monitor your home when you are on a long holiday or a temporary relocation on a work assignment.

We monitor and pay your bills for society maintenance, electricity, telephone, piped gas connection, and other services.

We charge a modest Annual Membership Fee - starting from Rs. 2400 per annum (50% off for first 20 Members each month) and a Service Fee of Rs. 1200 per month for a 2 BHK apartment (up to 1100 SqFt) and Rs. 1500 per month for a 3BHK apartment (up to 1400 SqFt) and so on.

We are enrolling Members in NCR, Agra & Jaipur and we are coming soon to Chandigarh, Rishikesh & Haldwani.

Send a text message ‘Please call me to 93156 56020 or send an email to we will promptly get in touch with more information.

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