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When will you Retire?

At the number 58 or 60 - denoting the year lived after birth - If you are told to hang up your boots, that your time is up and you retire - is really SAD. Undoubtedly, if you don't VACATE the position, then how will your downlevel get promoted, chain goes down the line to a management trainee joining in. But, the use of the word RETIRE is grossly inappropriate. As per Oxford Dictionary, "Retire" means to leave your job and stop working, usually because you have reached a certain age सेवा से निवृत्त होना या अवकाश प्राप्‍त करना, रिटायर होना (प्रायः सेवानिवृत्ति की आयु पर) In today's iOS/android age, we are good to last forever in new avatars every 6 to 12 months. Trainer, Mentor & Guide, helping Entrepreneurs set up successful businesses; Consultant, Advisor, etc. In fact, bureaucrats, politicians, media personalities, and industrialists start to shine nationally after the numbers 58,60. #Metroman of India; #Milkman of India; #modiji #anandmahindra #amitabhbachchan #EAM #anupamkher #narayanmurthy #premji #ratantatasir #nitishkumar to name a few. When our body starts telling us "it is enough", then we should think of #vanaprastha. Calling learned #socialmedia enthusiasts to suggest a more appropriate and honorable word to replace "Retire".

Enjoy your weekend.

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