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Working Women will Love this

It is difficult to find someone randomly to clean & sanitize your house at 9 pm, another day at 7 pm and then someday at 7 am.

My Home Caretaker makes it POSSIBLE.

This chore is now done at your convenience and not on the available time slot of BAI. At a modest cost of INR 350 per visit for a 2BHK, you get Freedom to manage your Work, Home and get some extra ME time.

The only catch is, you should enrol with us for at least a quarter (INR1800 for 2BHK) and pay for minimum of 2 visits in a month. Once enrolled, you are eligible to avail other services too.

Each service helps to reduce STRESS significantly.

  1. For instance, if you & your family are returning from a Holiday - you may call us 24 hours in advance to avail a #TurnDown Service. We will clean the house, change the bed linen, refresh your grocery, stock up the refrigerator and water the plants so that you are relaxed and ready to rock the next day.

  2. Another instance, when returning from a Business trip, you are too tired to endlessly wait for the APP-based taxi service to respond, you may avail our #MeetandGreet service at the Airport or Railway station. You can also ask us to pick up your new to the town friends and relatives.

  3. You may avail #Handholding Service, which we offer to the Owner of a newly acquired property, second home or a weekend holiday home.

  4. You or your cousin in the US of A may avail #NRIHandholding Service - under which we respond to SOS support & care for their elderly parents back home. Should there be a need for specific medicines, medical apparatus, escorting to a physician, supervising servicing of their car or an appliance etc.

The BEST part – to overcome the year 2020 – everyone gets 25% off on all schemes after we land in to 2021. Enrol within January for a STRESS Free 2021.

Call or Share 93156 56020 or write for more to

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