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For STRESS-Free You & Your Loved Ones

We Handhold Sr. Citizens /Elderly living alone 


We Handhold NRIs and HNIs in maintaining, monitoring & monetizing their vacant house(s)/property.


We keep your Weekend Holiday home functional 24by7

We Handhold busy Working Couples with their errands 


We provide Basic Housekeeping services when the regular help is away

We are your DEPENDABLE friend in hours of need

Indian Family


Striving for Perfection - for a STRESS FREE You

Other than HAND HOLDING Senior Citizens, NRIs & HNIs

We assist Sr. Industry Professionals by taking care of their personal errands,

while they are busy creating value for their Companies.

We MAINTAIN, MONITOR & help MONETIZE vacant homes too.

We also provide On-demand Cleaning services to DINK Couples (Double Income No Kids) who cannot sync their work schedules with the schedule of local help

Our work indirectly helps Builders/Real Estate Developers by increasing the Occupancy at their Residential Projects. We create employment for the unskilled workforce too.

We are your DEPENDABLE friend in hours of need

We will love to hear from you 


Your Concern Is Ours Too

My Home Caretaker (MHC) INSURES your household appliances & fixtures against theft & damages. It will coordinate & supervise the visit of service engineers of respective brands for servicing your electrical appliances & white goods under AMC.

MHC will maintain & monitor your home and keep your Car serviced whenever you travel on holiday or on a work assignment for a long duration. 

MHC will pay the bills for society maintenance, Electricity, Telephone, Piped Gas connection, DTH services, etc.

MHC is your Dependable friend in hours of need.

Couple Painters


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