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MONEY is our BEST friend, next comes...

In today's world, MONEY is our best friend.

When HE is with us, we are full of confidence, we take risks, we secure our life with high insurance premiums, we travel far and wide, indulge in our favorite past time, get quick and best medical attention, keep our premium Home appliances serviced and functional at all times, occasionally send HIM to our elderly parents to stand by for any eventuality or send HIM to an acquaintance in need, and so much more.

I am sure most of you reading this will agree! many would disagree too, and that is perfectly fine. That is how LIFE gets balanced. Yin & Yang!

Next, comes MY HOME CARETAKER, fondly addressed to as MHC, a friend who stands by and handholds us, while we are busy creating a #Unicorn or attending a #Board meeting or flying off to tie up loose ends of a strategic #Buyout or having a WHALE of a time with friends and family at a #beach resort.

When we need someone to take our parents to a Physician or a Hospital for a routine check-up, or receive them at the airport and escort them home safely, it's MHC.

When we need someone to come and clean up the house at 730 pm or at noon, MHC organizes it.

When we are too busy with work to take care of our prized weekend holiday pad, we can lean on MHC.

When you have to rush on a business trip and realize that spouse and children are returning from their vacation and the house is in mess, it is MHC who puts the house in order, refreshes groceries, and receives them at the Airport.

When we desperately need to maintain & monetize our #VACANT Property but don't have time or resources to manage it, it is MHC

After all, a Friend in Need is a Friend indeed

So, after MONEY, it is MHC who reduces my STRESS and gets me some ME time.

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